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My Journey Beyond Profit: Offering Planner Freebies on

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Offering planner freebies was never in my planning – but after getting rejected into a marketplace to sell digital assets, I decided that gifting it away for free was definitely more fulfilling.

The idea of starting a freebie website for planners, organizers, to-do lists, and digital planners started sometime back. Why give free when I can sell? It did not start with the free idea, in fact I was prepping to sell large amounts of digital assets when my world came crumbling down when an email came “We are sorry you are not accepted into the program to sell…”.

I tried to sell but I was not good enough?

It all began when my application to sell on a crafting site was denied on the grounds that I did not have sufficient designs. Or that was what I was told.

Why let someone decide what I can and can’t do?

That was running in my mind for days. A little upset as I had super gorgeous watercolor-styled floral poster designs that I absolutely adored but had it had no place. I had also queued up an enormous amount of similar posters, with the anticipation that I could make a small side hustle selling digital poster designs.

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In case you are wondering what they look like. Below is a glimpse of what I wanted to sell:

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love watercolor styled floral posters. The idea was to beautify living spaces with colorful flowers.

Let’s just give everything away for free

Since I had a ton of digital assets, I decided to give away everything for free. No fees, no strings attached. The idea was just to share these beautiful digital assets to anyone who will appreciate it. If you like what you see, feel free to download them for your personal use.

Starting something new – planner freebies

Who don’t love beautifully created planners, to-do lists and organizers? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen planner spreads, flip-throughs and screenshots of these planners in various social media platforms. You may try to DIY or duplicate the concept, color scheme and items but you just can’t seem to get it right – so you may end up buying these planners, printables, digital planners or digital assets.

I’ve been there and done that. I see beautiful planners on Pinterest and immediately feel the need to get started on my own. Most of the time, I will end up in Etsy or some personal stores to make a quick purchase. A lot of these templates are created by designers with a detailed eye and they look fantastic even before I could start penning anything.

That’s when I decided to make my own planner page templates and stickers – for my personal use. These days you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make your own designs. With tools like Canva, you can make your own design masterpiece with just a little imagination.

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Now that I have a depository of planner freebies, I’ve decided again to offer everything for free.

Stickers, Page Templates, Printables & more

I will start modestly. There will be planner templates that I’ve been using. I like versatile and straight-forward planners so I will share some basic planner templates. I am in the process of unpacking some templates that I have created and sold in Amazon, including some of my best selling ones.

My objective is to create printable stickers, printable planners, guided journals, to-do lists and maybe even printable coloring pages and digital art posters. So everything will be free in this website. To keep my hobby sustainable, I will probably start a small shop on Etsy or Gumroad but purchasing is not compulsory to get any of the freebies. Think of it as buying me a coffee if you love what I do. Most importantly, use the freebies that I will put up on this website.

Stay tuned for planner freebies

Bookmark this website and come back often to check out the planner freebies that we are adding on time to time. Remember to subscribe to our mailing list – no spam, just letting you know when we have something new on our website.