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Killer Minimalist 2024 Digital Planner: Download For Free Now

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Our very own minimalist 2024 digital planner that you can download for free. It is created to be simple, functional and easily customizable – so it fits everyone’s taste and preference.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to create my own 2024 digital planner. I found that the digital planners on the market (both free & paid) was far too complex for what I had in mind. Some digital planners have a tendency to stash in all softs of elements and extra pages that I do not find a need for. A digital planner with a lot of unneeded pages can take up a lot of space and I really did not want to use up space for things I did not need.

Planners that are too bulky and too big in size

Space is a premium for me on my iPad so I prefer to keep my digital planners and digital notebooks lean in size. As long as they are functional, serves its purpose, and is easy to locate when I need them – that is all I need. I recently downloaded a planner that was 84MB in size – and it was less than 20 pages! I have a lot of different digital planners so I do not want to use up all the space for just one planner.

My 2024 digital planner: Key elements & only what I needed

I got started by writing down what pages I would need in my 2024 digital planner. In the past, I kept paper-based planners and there will be a ton of pages that was never written on, or there would be pages of information that I never needed. If you have a conventional planner or diary for the year, you would probably be very familiar with this. So I streamlined it to the below pages:

  • Overview of 2024 in a single page – this is for easy viewing of the dates of the entire year
  • Birthday reminders – a bird eye view of every important person’s birthday. Some may find this important, some may not. If you do not require this, you can always delete the page.
  • Yearly review in 4 months per page – this gives you the ability to mark down important dates.
  • Dated Monthly planner – a complete 12 month planner. Each month includes a column for goals, to-do and notes.
  • Undated Weekly planner – I included a page of weekly planner, which can be used to plan the week more efficiently. Depending on preference, some may not like to use the weekly planner and just go straight to the daily planner. So if this is for you, you just need to duplicate this for all the weeks of the year. Else, you can delete the page.
  • Undated Daily planner – Covering all 7 days of the week from Monday to Sunday. I kept it simple – starting from 6 am till 12 midnight. On the sides are your priorities for the day, a colum for to-do and notes. You can duplicate the pages as per required.
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So once I got the above list, I got down to designing the pages. At the end of it, I bundled the PDF pages together to make a complete 2024 digital planner that you can download for free. The entire PDF is only 122KB (less than 1MB!).

2024 Planner Freebie
Preview of what the 2024 digital planner looks like – download it for free!

Why a minimalist 2024 digital planner?

I could design the 2024 digital planner with plenty of design elements but I decided to keep it very clean and simple to save on precious digital space on my iPad. I love adding colors and stickers so I prefer the planner to be clean and non-complex. I will be working on additional designs in future, so do keep a lookout.

Why no interlinks?

While I could have added the interlinks, I decided to not have it as I could easily view all pages with a simple sweep action from right to left on Collanote. So I did not want to over complicate the planner with links. In that way, I could design larger pages as creating tabs takes up considerable space. Additionally, I used planners with a lot of interlinks in the past and I never really used the links. Somehow I find the bird eye view feature in Collanote sufficient for me to scroll to the page I need.

Another tip that I used is to separate my planners so I don’t need to scroll through or click on interlinks. In Collanote, I have a folder for 2024 planners and I have everything separated by months. So if I am planning a month, I can always split my screen and view my year in review. Super neat! And definitely more effective than clicking on links and going back and forth.

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Planning for 2024 starts now!

We love the idea of plotting the important dates and events for the upcoming year. Being able to plan ahead and see what’s upcoming allows me to plan holidays, appointments, and adjust my work & personal time accordingly. So now that it is complete, I’m off to customizing my 2024 digital planner 🙂 Have fun with yours too!