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Daily Planner Template: Minimalist Style

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This freebie is great for planner newbies as we kept it very simple, straight-forward, and we only have columns that you really need to plan your day.

Features of this daily planner template

  • Half-hourly lines from 7am to 12 midnight
  • Date & day column
  • Brain dump
  • Quote of the day
  • Notes

A few key things you need to know about the template:

Extra long hours

We did this on purpose because everyone may have different awake hours, so we created a planner that starts at 7am and ends at 12 midnight. If you don’t use these additional lines, you can always doodle in them, add a washi tape or simply color them.

Brain dump

Most of us have many things on our head all day everyday. This column is for you to jot down things you need to remember (eg. send the car to the workshop this weekend, remember to buy milk tomorrow, pay Amanda $10) but probably not what you need to do today. So you can ‘dump’ them in this column for you to review tomorrow. You can then have full focus on your task and what you need to do for today.

Quote of the day

Everyone needs a little motivation daily. So give yourself that little boost and put a favorite quote on your daily planners. If you need some ideas, check out this Pinterest board of Quotes. Go ahead and put in something quirky! 🙂

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Enjoy the template! Remember to check out our other freebies.