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7 Easy Ways To Make Daily Planning Enjoyable + A Freebie

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Keep yourself motivated when planning with these tips that I have used when I started my planning journey.

You may be a seasoned planner or maybe you are a beginner. Either way, you want to make daily planning enjoyable and fun. If the task of planning becomes a drag, you will eventually lose the motivation to use your planner.

How I keep planning enjoyable and interesting

#1 Keeping everything aesthetically pleasant to my eyes

The emphasis is on “my eyes” because everyone have different design taste, so my style and choice of colors may not necessarily be your cup of tea. Decorate your planners according to your preferred colors, embellishment, washi tapes, stickers and stamps. There is no right and wrong in decorating – not everyone will have the same design eye as you, so just do what suits you.

#2 Simple doodles adds sophistication

You may want to add doodles to your to-do list, daily planners etc. Simple doodles, hand drawn line art and illustrations can add a lot of interest in your planners. Instead of words, draw a simplified airplane to signify your travel dates. Other simple things everyone can doodle – birthday cake, car, t-shirt, coffee and more. Below is an example of simple doodles you can draw. Follow me on Pinterest for more curated ideas.

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#3 Use colors

Colors can do wonders. If you are getting bored with writing in black, try pen in different colors. Or maybe you can draw lines with colored pens instead of the usual black and blue. I find that when I use different colors to my pages, I add visual interest to the item I am working on. I would also use color pencil to draw and colore the doodles and elements.

#4 Divide into sections or themes

If you are using a traditional planner with fixed pages, it may be a good idea to start setting it up by dividing it into sections. Don’t start penning in until you have decided what you want in each sections. This way, you will get a planner that is well thought out to suit your personal use. Do not add sections that will not make sense to you, no matter how fancy they may be. Example: if a water intake planner is not what you usually do, then don’t add it in.

#5 Add inspirational quotes

Inspire yourself with a quote of your choice. When you start working on a planner page, add in an inspirational quote. Writing something you love is a reinforcement. If you need quotes ideas, check out our sister site’s Pinterest board on Quotes.

#6 Add photos

Make it personal with photos from travels, events and experiences. Adding a personal memento definitely jazzes up a planner. It can be on your personal profile page or maybe even your monthly planner page – it is totally up to you!

#7 Personalize the covers

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? A beautiful cover can be an attraction for you to continue using the planner that you love. For me, I deck up my planners before I start writing on it. At one point, I was doing junk journal style with cuttings from magazines. I absolutely love that password planner I had because it looked like a fancy scrapbook! 😀

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As promised, here’s a daily planner freebie to get you started. Click on the image to go to the download page.

Here are some tips on using the daily planner freebie

  1. Use time blocks to schedule tasks. Estimate how much time you need to complete each task and be as realistic as possible.
  2. Assign time needed for meals, rest, and other non-productive task.
  3. Do not over plan your day. Having 20 hours worth of task is not going to be helpful if you only have 10 work hours. You will be adding stress to yourself without even starting.
  4. Give yourself some break time. You cannot be working continuously for 8 hours straight with no rest in between. We are human not robots.
  5. Carry over task if you cannot complete it on the day itself. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

This printable planner can be a single sheet placed on a desk, planned daily. Or you can print a month’s worth of planner pages and combine them to make an entire book.

Get started today! Remember to check out our other freebies.