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2024 Planner: Clean & Minimalism Style

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We created a clean and minimalist 2024 planner because we wanted something that is plain and easy to personalize. The simple lines allows you to easily customize it with stickers and colors of your choice.

Features of this 2024 Planner template

  • 2024 calendar
  • Birthday reminders
  • Yearly reviews – in 3 pages, 4 months each page
  • Monthly planner – 12 months
  • Weekly planner – we included one page, but you can duplicate it to make an entire year
  • Daily planner – there are 7 days. You can duplicate it for the entire year.
Monthly Planner Template A4-Habit Tracker and Goals Mock Up

While I did not prepare individual pages for you to download, you can easily download the entire 2024 Digital Planner and delete pages that you don’t require. It is very easy to do so within Collanotes as you can have a quick overview of all the pages within the PDF and duplicate or remove as necessary.

Just in case if you are curious why we created a simple & minimalist 2024 planner, you may want to check out the blog post here.

Enjoy the template! Remember to check out our other freebies.

  Monthly Planner Template: with Habit Tracker